About Lempea

Lempea (https://lempea.com/) is the Nordic leader in connected embedded systems. They are a service company helping equipment manufacturers and providers in connecting embedded systems to the cloud. Lempea’s focus is in building reliable and sustainable software running in their client’s systems. In addition to the service side, Lempea is developing its own platform helping customers to map and plan dataflows, connect data sources and act on real time data without complex tools. Lempea has a deep tech approach working with the greatest of new technologies and is becoming a major enabler of augmented life in the world of tomorrow.


Lempea is growing fast by providing services that lead their clients towards more advanced handling of data with edge computing, cloud connectivity and real-time decision-making by artificial intelligence. With a major market potential in thousands of companies struggling with their legacy based software systems, Lempea helps them move to the modern era of collecting, handling and using data.

Lempea was struggling to hire developer talents locally in Finland with a local recruitment agency. With great demand for developers locally in Finland, the rising costs of hiring tech talent and increasing recruitment times led Lempea to seek an alternative with Talentbyte.


Having the founding team in Finland, Talentbyte proposed to build a dedicated remote team to our office in Ukraine to work especially with Lempea’s inhouse products and at the same time hire locally in Finland to cover open tech positions regarding developers working on Lempea’s client’s premises face-to-face.

Talentbyte rapidly built a core remote team of developers, matching Leampea’s needs for building their inhouse product RAIN (https://rain.global/), a platform for enterprise data solutions. Their remote team consists of multiple senior developers and Talentbyte has recruited all developers from our own networks and we host them at our office in Ukraine. We handle all administrative details, remote HR and provide great office space for Lempea’s team so they can focus on their work. For Lempea we make it easy to manage their team and make sure the team is happy working for them.

In addition to building a remote team, Talentbyte has headhunted developers for Lempea locally in Finland. These have been people that work on Lempea’s client cases and require onsite attendance on a weekly basis. With agile recruiting methods we’ve been able to find great candidates for Lempea, even in a tough market situation.


Lempea’s business keeps growing with a big market need and our cooperation stays strong as Talentbyte keeps finding top talent for Lempea’s remote team on an ongoing basis. Lempea has been able to scale their development as we have found them developers quickly to fill in open positions. Talentbyte’s model offers high quality developers for a much smaller cost than locally can be found. Recruiting costs and salaries keep rising in this tough market situation and our model has offered Lempea a chance to scale their business faster. Finding high quality developers fast and saving on costs at the same time is key.

Tactical local headhunting based on more ad hoc needs is how Talentbyte works together with Lempea and supports their growth also beyond the remote team. Lempea has been very happy with Talentbyte’s services and we look forward to supporting their growth.

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