"Setting up a remote tech team with Talentbyte has allowed us to choose people that match exactly our requirements. We were able to fill the open positions quickly while also saving money on recruitment and salary costs."

Christer Wikman
- Wordline

About Bambora / Wordline

Bambora (https://www.bambora.com/) is a leading payment provider for online, in-store or in-app payments. With over 700 employees they help over 126 000 merchants in 65 countries all over the world with their daily payments. Since 2020 Bambora has been a part of Wordline (https://worldline.com/). Worldline is the largest European player in payment services and the fourth largest worldwide.


Bambora has seen major growth with the online payment sector growing significantly. To keep up with the speed, Talentbyte started cooperating with a Bambora development department to scale their developer resources at a faster pace while also keeping an eye on the cost structure long-term. Hiring developers locally in many European countries has been a bottle-neck for many companies in the industry. Lack of developers has meant increasing recruitment times and costs.


As Bambora’s team is already spread in many countries and locations, a dedicated remote team was a clear choice for them. After jointly defining clear needs for development roles short and long term, Talentbyte set out to start building Bambora’s remote team to our office in Ukraine. With initially hiring for key roles senior developers who have the capability to grow within the team and Bambora to lead roles, Talentbyte successfully built the core fast to match Bambora’s needs.

Talentbyte has taken care of all needs for Bambora’s remote team, from headhunting matching candidates to all agreements and taking care of remote HR services, hardware and providing superb office space with all latest perks.

We’ve been able to find exact matches for Bambora’s needs, delivering candidates at a fast speed and reasonable costs. Talentbyte keeps taking great care of Bambora’s team and all administrative work, while Bambora and the team can fully focus on delivering the best payment experiences available.


Bambora’s dedicated remote team, hosted by Talentbyte in Ukraine, has seen steady growth for the past couple of years and while the industry keeps seeing big growth, the plans to extend the remote development resources are aligned as the need for top developer talent stays strong.

Bambora has given Talentbyte great feedback for our services and team members provided. With increasing needs, Talentbyte has also been given the responsibility for some key hires for core tech roles in the entire Bambora development team. Some team members hosted remotely by Talentbyte have grown within Bambora’s team, e.g. from a senior software engineer to currently leading the entire remote team and partly Bambora’s own team, being responsible for product and team structures.

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