A dedicated team of software developers.

Built by us for you. Talentbyte helps you build a dedicated team of software professionals in Ukraine, working together with your in-house team as one unit. We host your team at our office, while you work directly with them.

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We’re your partner in finding software developers, engineers and designers across borders. Save resources and accelerate your product development roadmap by partnering with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I join, when will I receive opportunities?

We aim to offer you interesting positions very quickly. Depending on what you want, it could take a bit longer as well. We have a continuous flow of opportunities so if you're not able to jump in right away, don't worry, the next one comes sooner than you think.

Are these projects or long-term full-time positions? 

Definitely long-term and full-time positions. We want developers who are passionate to join our client's teams long-term, bring ideas to the table and help them grow their business. If you're looking for just project based work, get in touch and let's see what we can find you.

What does it mean you take care of agreements and payments?

We'll set you up with a PE in case you don't have one, provide agreements with either us or our client, take care of your accounting and all salary payments. You don't need to worry about anything, you can just focus on your work.

Remote or office?

We have offices in Kyiv and Lviv in Ukraine. Mainly we host our teams in one of these offices and expect you to come to the office when needed. We're flexible and some remote work is even recommended.

Will there be interviews with your clients?

Yes. We have a wide profile of you, but naturally our client will want to get to know you before hiring. We keep the process as simple and straight-forward as possible so you don't need to spend excessive time in different calls.

My stack won't match what you're currently looking for, can I still apply? 

Yes. If you're a mid-to-senior level developer and you're using popular technologies, you can still apply. Our current focus is always based on our clients' needs, but naturally we will have other positions available.