Build your own remote team with us

Scale your in-house resources with a dedicated tech team hosted at our office and accelerate your product development roadmap.

Talentbyte builds dedicated and hosted remote teams

We help you build a dedicated team of software developers, designers and support or operations personnel in Romania and Ukraine, hosted at our office by us, fully and directly managed by you.

How we can help you

Sourcing & talent acquisition
We have extensive networks of skilled people and we headhunt based on your exact needs. We get moving fast and we can present you candidates within weeks. You'll always make the final choice.

Office & infrastructure
We provide your team a home and make sure they have everything needed to work successfully together with you. We have offices in Lviv, Ukraine and Cluj-Napoca in Romania.

HR & administration
Talentbyte acts as your HR person for your remote team, on-site, taking care all agreements and payroll services for you.

We make sure all services provided for you are according to GDPR regulations. We can also provide tailored training for your team.

Start scaling today.

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