Hire your next talent or find a freelancer from our network

Hire directly across borders, relocate talent to your office or hire project teams for short-term needs.

IT sourcing for vetted freelancers for short-term projects and talent for relocation

Tell us your needs and we’ll headhunt the right talent and relocate them to your office. We target Eastern European countries to find you top candidates that want to relocate. We also have vetted freelancers and agencies we work with to execute your shorter term projects.

What do we provide for you? 

Sourcing & recruiting
We have a database of talent willing to relocate to the Nordics or Europe and we will headhunt based on your needs and make sure the people are committed to the relocation in long-term.

Relocation & permits
We handle the official relocation and permits together with our partners and can set up an apartment, bank account and all daily needs for your new hire.

Project teams or freelancers
If you have a short-term project you need done we can build you a team of vetted freelancers or introduce you to one of our partner agencies who are happy to finalize your project for you.

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