September 26, 2019

Remote teams are a great solution to find talent or experience you can’t recruit locally, but the solution is not for everyone. Should you consider building a remote team? Here’s our take:

When to consider a remote team?

Clearly the first step is that you actually need a development team! If your requirement is only for a short project, then you’re better served by outsourcing companies. We can even introduce you to some great providers from our network.

But if you need a permanent team to develop and support your product and can’t find the right talent locally, then consider remote teams. Same goes if you can’t find them at a cost you’re willing to pay or within a timeframe you’re willing to wait. You’ll be able to extend your search way beyond the local market to access a much larger pool of talent.

Talenbyte has been doing this for years, building teams out of our office in Ukraine. We’ve recently hired full stack developers with experience from a wide range of technologies, as well as specialized developers with for example AR/VR or other specific skills. We also take into account requirements such as leadership experience and personality to make sure we find the right match for your needs.

But are you ready?

Working remote has huge benefits but requires more frequent and transparent communication and clearly established daily and weekly processes. It also helps if you already have a strong product manager or CTO to lead the team, and that you have a clear roadmap for your development. If you already have these it should be straightforward. If not then you probably should, so get organized! 🙂 Either way we provide lots of support and will help you make it work!

Why Talentbyte?

At Talentbyte we build remote development teams based on your requirements. We host the teams at our office in Lviv and take great care of them, but you work with them directly, with your tools and methods. This is not outsourcing, instead you get your own team of developers, which we support.

We are 100% focused on working with startups and have developed a flexible model to get you started. We’ve built our own startups and understand the needs. Our roots both in the Nordics and Ukraine puts us close to our clients, and give us access to the huge pool of talented engineers available in Ukraine.

Give us a shout if you need development resources. We can help.

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