August 15, 2019

"The technology industry estimates that around 11,400 IT software specialists will be needed in Finland in the next four years", says this Talouselämä article (article only in Finnish, sorry 😐). That's what we call a big shortage!

And according to a recent study by Nordic venture capitalist organizations, the shortage of skilled developers is the biggest obstacle to their investment. There would be plenty of more capital available, but the startups can't utilize if they can't find enough developers.

One solution mentioned in the article is a faster startup visa for the developers and their families and certain tax benefits, but we all know that's going to take a while before it becomes standard in Finland.

In the meantime, we suggest companies consider an alternative approach, like the one we offer at Midealab. We build remote development teams in Ukraine based on your requirements. We host the teams at our office in Lviv and take great care of them, but you work with them directly, with your tools and methods. This is not outsourcing, instead you get your own team of developers, which we support.

You could still re-locate some of your developers to Finland after working with them for some time. We’d be happy to help with this! But by starting with a remote team you can solve your developer needs much faster and is a less risky way.

We too hope that Finland, the Nordics and the rest of Europe will develop better solutions to the ever-growing developer shortage. In the meantime, startups should take advantage of the opportunity to secure talent from much larger markets such as Ukraine.

Give us a shout if you need development resources. We can help.

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