Refer a friend
and get paid!

Do you have friends, relatives or old colleagues who might be interested in joining Talentbyte team or one of our client's teams? That’s great news because Talentbyte has its own external referral program so you can recommend specialists for the open positions get paid!

Use our partner’s platform to recommend candidates and you can receive a bonus in case they join us.*

Refer a friend

How does it work? 

1. Let a friend know you can recommend them to us

2. Choose a matching position at fill in the details

3. Wait for feedback from our team

4. Get paid!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can recommend?

Any person outside Talentbyte can become a referrer and get a bonus for it.

We will update you on the stage of cooperation with the specialist you have recommended and will inform you about the start of the cooperation of the recommended specialist.

Company’s specialists must use the Internal referral site.

Who can be recommended?

All specialists who fit any matching positions. Typically we work with specialists from Ukraine or within the EU.

The recommended specialist must be informed by the referrer about the recommendation for the specified position in the company, and he/she should give consent for personal data processing.


For every successful recommendation (*when the recommended specialist begins his/her cooperation with Talentbyte) a bonus will be paid to the referrer within 90 calendar days from the start date of the cooperation of the recommended specialist and the company.

The amount of the bonus will be specified for each position.

The amount of a bonus is submitted by the Talentbyte company to administration in national currency (UAH) according to the exchange rate set by National Bank of Ukraine on the date of the payment.

Each payment is processed by administration according to its payment policy.

When do you not receive a bonus?

The recommended specialist:
- stopped cooperation within 90 days,is in an active phase of communication about cooperation from a different source,
- cooperated with Talentbyte within the last 12 months,
- is cooperating with a client or a partner of Talentbyte,
- does not have the permission to work in the country where he/she applies,
- is already cooperating with Talentbyte (specialists of Talentbyte can refer specialists using the Internal referral site);

The referrer:
- does not provide full information about the recommended specialist (with the consent from the recommended person to process his/her CV and contact information).

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