🟣 What do we do at Talentbyte?

December 7, 2023
Edvin Priimak

Welcome to Talentbyte, where turning your tech dream team into a reality is not just a goal but a seamless journey. With nearly a decade of experience, we've been the driving force behind the success of tech teams across Europe, utilizing our vast talent pool and extensive networks in Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Azerbaijan, and beyond to curate the great match for your unique needs.

Why choose Talentbyte?

Stress-free hiring

We understand that building a remote team can be overwhelming. That's why we handle the stress for you. From finding the right talent to conducting pre-security screenings and facilitating all necessary agreements, we streamline the hiring process, ensuring you focus on what matters most – product development.

Transparent partnership

No hidden fees, no surprises. Our pricing is straightforward – the candidate's gross salary plus our monthly service fee. We offer flexibility in team structure, terms and agreements, fostering a transparent and collaborative partnership.

Long-term commitment

We're not here for a quick fix. By being selective in our partnerships, we ensure a high level of service and commitment from day one and beyond. Your success is our success, and we're in it for the long haul.

Our approach to remote teams

Behind our daily routine stands cultivating a diverse pool of mid-to-senior developers and industry experts, constantly connecting with professionals, even those not actively seeking new opportunities. We also stay up to date with recruitment, tech, and business trends, as well as follow industry news to always be two steps ahead by collecting and analyzing data to put it into practice once we receive a new remote team request.

Once we do that, our collaboration with the team begins with defining roles and understanding the candidate’s profile, prioritizing not only technical skills but also cultural fit and interpersonal qualities for a holistic match. Afterward, we ensure to continuously interview qualified available talents on the market, providing detailed summaries.

And then your word is always final in hiring, but we won't stay silent if we feel the mismatch because our number one goal is to be a true partner for both sides, the client and the candidate, and making empty deals is not about us. But once a match is found, we take care of every aspect of your remote development resources, from handling agreements to managing payroll and ensuring overall team satisfaction.

Think of us as an extension of your team, committed to supporting your growth journey from day one and beyond. So our simple and transparent solution for long-term tech resource needs includes all admin and payroll services, legal documents, and one monthly invoice covering all costs. With the right to take over employees, we offer a benchmarked developer salary plus service fee model. It's as simple as that, for both parties! 

🟣 Stop just hiring, unlock your future remote team’s potential with Talentbyte! 🟣

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