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Founded in 2015
500+ hires in tech
8k+ talent pool

We build tech teams and talent pipelines tailored for companies looking to scale or restructure their software development resources.

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Talentbyte Worldline
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Talentbyte OGOship
Talentbyte SSH
Talentbyte Worldline
Talentbyte Fujitsu
Talentbyte Feelia
Talentbyte Bambora
Talentbyte CGA Technologies

This is how we do it

We've crafted our services to meet your needs whether you're looking to scale your existing tech resources with a flexible and cost-efficient remote team or looking to speed up your in-house talent acquisition with our sourcer platform.

Talentbyte remote development teams
Team Pro
Long-term remote team

A tailored remote team working as an integrated part of your in-house tech department, all admin and compliance taken care for you.

Full takeover rights
Remote or hosted at our office
Superb flexibility
Great cost-to-quality ratio
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Sourcer Pro
Your extended TA arm

Get access to a pipeline of tech candidates tailored to your needs and onboard them to your hiring process.

Exclusive pipelines
Vetted remote candidates
Pick & choose for interviewing
Hire faster with our platform
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Talentbyte consulting
Show me the way

Looking to set up a remote office or team? Where's the best talent available? No worries, we'll guide you.

Job market analysis
Salary overview
Local admin & infrastructure
Legal & compliance needs
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Hires in tech


Vetted talent pool


Remote setups

This is what we believe in

We trust in strong relationships that are beneficial for all parties. Therefore we commit to open and no nonsense communication and mutual trust.


Life is bound to change, things happen on the market and that's why our services have flexibility built in them.


With our own resources and reputation built over the years, we pursue to solve our client's needs quickly.

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We are transparent in all our pricing and communication for building trustworthy relationships.

Can we solve your resourcing needs?
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Working with some industry leading clients

We're technology agnostic, but we have extensive experience from Fintech and main technologies like Java, and JavaScript and their frameworks.

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Talentbyte five star remote development teams

"Setting up a remote tech team with Talentbyte has allowed us to choose people that match exactly our requirements. We have been able to fill the open positions quickly while also saving money on recruitment and salary costs."

Talentbyte Worldline
Christer Wikman
DevOps Director
Wordline is globally a leading payment provider for online, in-store or in-app payments. Talentbyte has partnered with them for years for remote teams and recruiting IT talent.

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