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Flexible, all-in-one solution for scaling or restructuring your development resources with a remote team.
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We’re your partner in finding software developers, engineers and designers. We build dedicated remote teams in entire Eastern Europe while having a physical presence in Ukraine, Romania and Azerbaijan.

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"Setting up a remote tech team with Talentbyte has allowed us to choose people that match exactly our requirements. We were able to fill the open positions quickly while also saving money on recruitment and salary costs."

- Christer Wikman, Worldline

Benefits of working with us

Since 2015 we've been recruiting and building remote teams in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. We provide you a smart and easy way to scale up your software development resources by building you a dedicated remote team or finding you IT talent for direct hire, relocation or projects.

Access a bigger
talent pool

We have wide networks of talent in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Over the years we've built a reputation to attract talent for interesting and meaningful positions. Based on your needs, we'll headhunt and hand-pick suitable talent for you.

Efficient and
agile processes

We've been recruiting in Eastern Europe since 2015 and built recruiting processes and remote models that allow us to move rapidly and flexibly without compromising quality.

Reduce costs by
working with us

Save time and money by letting us offer you an unbeatable cost-to-quality ratio for tech talent. All salaries and costs are transparent, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. And our agreements and terms are flexible.

Full service and care

We handle the hiring, all bureaucracy, HR, payroll, admin and office or relocation headaches for you so that you can focus on your core business and accelerate your development roadmap.

How can we help you?

Let's talk and find out together how you could scale your tech resources.

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