Grow your business with
dedicated remote teams

Scale your in-house resources with a dedicated tech team and
accelerate your product development roadmap.

We help you build a dedicated team of software developers, designers and support or operations personnel in Eastern Europe, hosted at our office by us, fully and directly managed by you.

How we help you?

Sourcing & recruiting
We have extensive networks of skilled people and we headhunt based on your exact needs. We get moving fast and we can present you candidates within weeks. You'll always make the final choice.

Office & infrastructure
We provide your team a home and make sure they have everything needed to work successfully together with you.

HR & administration
Talentbyte acts as your HR person for your remote team, on-site, taking care all agreements and payroll services for you.

We make sure all services provided for you are according to GDPR regulations. We can also provide tailored training for your team.

IT sourcing for relocation and projects

Relocate talent to your office or hire project teams for short-term needs.

Tell us your needs and we’ll headhunt the right talent and relocate them to your office. We target Eastern European countries to find you top candidates that want to relocate. We also have vetted freelancers and agencies we work with to execute your shorter term projects.

What do we provide for you? 

Sourcing & recruiting
We have a database of talent willing to relocate to the Nordics or Europe and we will headhunt based on your needs and make sure the people are committed to the relocation in long-term.

Relocation & permits
We handle the official relocation and permits together with our partners and can set up an apartment, bank account and all daily needs for your new hire.

Project teams or freelancers
If you have a short-term project you need done we can build you a team of vetted freelancers or introduce you to one of our partner agencies who are happy to finalize your project for you.

Benefits of working with Talentbyte

We provide you a smart and easy way to scale up your software development resources by building you a dedicated remote team or finding you IT talent for relocation or projects.

Access a bigger
talent pool

We have wide networks of talent in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Over the years we've built a reputation to attract talent for interesting and meaningful positions. Based on your needs, we'll headhunt and hand-pick suitable talent for you.

Efficient and
agile processes

We've been recruiting in Eastern Europe since 2015 and built recruiting processes and remote models that allow us to move rapidly and flexibly without compromising quality.

Reduce costs by
working with us

Save time and money by letting us offer you an unbeatable cost-to-quality ratio for tech talent. All salaries and costs are transparent, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. And our agreements and terms are flexible.

Full service and
hassle taken care of

We handle the hiring, all bureaucracy, HR, payroll, admin and relocation headaches for you so that you can focus on your core business and accelerate your development roadmap.

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What areour clients saying? 

Setting up a remote tech team with Talentbyte has allowed us to choose people that match exactly our requirements. We were able to fill the open positions quickly while also saving money on recruitment and salary costs.

Christer Wikman - CEO at DevCode Payment AB
(part of Bambora Group / Ingenico Group, one of the world's largest payments companies)
Talentbyte SSH reference case
Talentbyte Rundit reference case
Talentbyte OGOship reference case
Talentbyte Golf Game Book reference case
Talentbyte Future Dialog reference case
Talentbyte SSH reference case
Talentbyte Rundit reference case
Talentbyte OGOship reference case
Talentbyte Golf Game Book reference case
Talentbyte Feniks Gaming reference case

Hiring made easy

Our team has extensive experience in recruiting across borders. We move fast to save you time, energy and money so that you can focus on your core business.

We’re a partner that works with you - be it building a dedicated remote team for your company, finding and relocating top talent to you or helping you to set up an entire R&D centre.

Talentbyte's promise

We want to create a long, sustainable partnership with you. That’s why we take immense pride in acting responsibly towards our clients and candidates throughout the entire recruitment process and beyond.

Talentbyte sustainable recruiting partner
  • Satisfaction guarantee
    For remote teams
    If your expectations are not met during the first 6 weeks, we’ll replace the candidate at no charge.

    For relocation
    If the candidate leaves your company within the first 4 months, we’ll replace him/her at no charge.

  • Transparent salaries and costs
    It is important that we make a positive impact for local communities and pay fair market salaries for the candidates we help you hire. This means you’ll also have full transparency in all salaries and Talentbyte fees.

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