Privacy Policy

Our pricacy policy
When using Talentbyte ("us", "we", or "our") Services (“Services”), we receive and process information as described in this privacy policy. We automatically collect and store certain information as described below. Please take the time to carefully read this Privacy Policy.

The company that is responsible for your information under this Privacy Policy (the “data controller or data processor”) is:
Talentbyte Oü, Tatari 6a
10116, Tallinn, Estonia

This Privacy Policy is also intended to serve as a Data Processing Agreement between us and those Customers with whom we do not have a separate DPA in place.

1. Data Processing
The data collected by the Services:
Customer Data is data processed by us on behalf of the Customer using the Services. We collect web analytics data (per visitor), such as Customer specific cookie identifier (CID), IP address, Visited URLs, Referrer URL, Timestamp, Operating system. The purpose of the processing of this data is the provision of customer engagement and analytics tools on the Customer website. The Customer Data is owned by the Customer. In regard to Customer Data the Customer is the data controller and We the data processor in the meaning of the EU data protection legislation.

2. Cookies
Our Services may use cookies, including unique cookie identifiers, as well as similar local storage technologies such as browser web storage and application data caches.

Cookies are used for tracking visitors and their browsing patterns. Cookies allow us to identify, profile and track computers which are used to visit our website. By accessing you accept the use of cookies and tracking, as well as the collection of benchmark data for the purposes stated above.

Most browsers accept cookies automatically. However, you can change the settings of your browser to erase cookies or prevent them. In that case, we cannot guarantee that our website or Services will be able to provide you with the intended user experience.

Third Party Cookies
On our own website we also use third party cookies from the following Service providers to help us analyze trends and for tracking purposes, and to gather general information about our visitor base:

Facebook collects data and analytics regarding traffic flows to/from Facebook and displays ads.
Google Analytics / GA4 collects data and analytics regarding the visitor base and traffic of the website.
Google Adwords is used for showing ads in connection with google search results.
Linkedin Marketing Solutions collects data and analytics regarding traffic flows to/from Linkedin and displays ads.
Other services may use cookies for tracking new and recurring visitors.

4. Servers and Data Storage
The Service is provided globally and operates through servers located in a number of countries around the world, including the United States of America. The servers are provided through credible subcontractors. Unless otherwise agreed, we store Customer Data for 5 years.

6. Technical and Organizational Measures
We hereby confirm that we have the appropriate technical and organizational measures in place to meet the data processing requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

7. Sub-Processors
Credible third party subcontractors may be engaged in the data processing process for data storage purposes (rented servers). We will provide Customers with a written notice before engaging sub-processors for other purposes.

8. Confidentiality
We confirm that all persons we have authorized to process personal data of the Customer are bound with a written undertaking of confidentiality.

9. Data Breach Notices
In case we become aware of a data security breach affecting personal data we will report this to the Customer within a time frame of 48 hours. In such case we will coordinate and assist the Customer in minimizing any damage and provide the Customer with the required information about the breach.

10. Data Subject Rights
We are committed to assisting our Customers with their responsibilities regarding the data subject rights. Our contact for this type of requests is hello@talentbyte.comIn cases where such assistance causes us a substantial amount of work, we reserve the right to invoice such work in accordance with our standard hourly fees.

12. Contact & Effective date
For questions regarding our privacy please contact: This privacy policy was last updated 29.1.2023.