🌍 Building Remote Development Teams: Discover the advantages

May 22, 2023
Juho Oranen
⚡Unleashing the Power of Remote Development Teams

Are you ready to unlock the power of a remote development team? 

Remote development teams gain popularity thanks to their flexibility and efficiency. With dedicated teams built directly for you, matching your technological and cultural needs, companies can develop products faster than ever before.

In this post, we'll look at why building remote development teams is beneficial, what advantages they have over traditional over hiring in-house, and how to get started setting up your team.

So let's dive into it—it's time to discover the advantages of having a remote development team!

😎 It flexes but doesn’t break

Remote development teams offer an unprecedented level of flexibility.

By being able to hire dedicated engineers from overseas, companies can quickly assemble teams that specialize exactly in the needed areas of software engineering.

Dedicated remote teams are typically built for the long-term, but you have superb flexibility over in-house employees when it comes down to needing to restructure the team due to e.g. market changes.

When the vendor takes care of candidate sourcing and interviews, you can jump in directly to decision-making and thus scale your remote team faster than you could recruit in-house employees. This allows companies to ship products faster and more efficiently than if they were to use only in-house engineers.

❇️ Your CFO will like this

Using remote development teams can provide significant cost savings.

By hiring dedicated engineers from countries such as Romania or Ukraine, companies can save significantly on salary costs compared to multiple European countries, while keeping a similar working culture and high level of skills. Additionally, these lower salary levels often come with fewer side costs, but you're still able to apply your company benefits for them as well. Furthermore, remote development teams free up valuable office space, which can be used for other purposes or released to reduce overhead costs.

Companies that employ a remote development team have the added benefit of being able to scale quickly and easily without incurring additional costs associated with hiring more local engineers.

🔘 The neighbor’s pool is bigger

A remote dedicated team has the unique advantage of being able to draw from a larger pool of developers than local teams.

This means that you can find highly skilled and experienced developers who may not be available in your area but are still capable of delivering the same quality results as their local counterparts.

Hiring (senior) developers locally in many European countries is a tough nut to crack and takes a lot of time for most companies. With a remote team, you're able to bypass that bottleneck and jump on the high-speed lane of hiring. In countries like Romania or Ukraine, the pool of developers is just simply so much larger than in many other EU countries.

You can have more options to choose from and find that great technical and cultural fit that will drive your product and ultimately business growth to the next level.

😉 Not extraterrestrial talent

One amazing benefit of a remote development team is the ability to take over the team as in-house employees after first seeing them in action and making sure they are a fit technically and add to the cultural point of view.

This allows for more flexibility in terms of hiring decisions, as companies can choose to hire only those individuals who match the specific requirements and cultural values of their company. So there's no need to jump in blindly, but rather work with your team over a certain amount of time and take over the team fully or just individual developers.

Talk about a trial period, right? An advantage that many companies have realized is the increased level of communication and collaboration within the company after they have taken in remote people.

Managing remote talent will always need well-defined processes and transparent communication, and in the long-term, it can shape a company's culture into a more open and well-functioning machine.

🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏼 Remote, but not lonely

At Talentbyte, we strive to provide our clients with a dedicated remote development team that is tightly knit and highly productive, without compromising on quality or standards.

To achieve this, we focus on finding not just the technical fit, but the person behind the great development skills so that they enjoy working with you for the long term.

Building a sustainable team that will stick with you for multiple years is the ultimate goal we focus on. Our comprehensive hiring process carefully screens candidates and evaluates them for their technical aptitude, work experience, and ability to collaborate with other team members.

We also offer full local support from our offices and offer your remote team a sense of community although they work in a different country to yours. We act as your extended HR team for the remote team, making sure they have everything they need to focus on what matters most - product development.

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