The right IT workforce for you

We have a talent network and extensive experience in hiring software developers, along with digital tools to help us find the best engineers for your needs.

Dedicated teams

Scale or restructure your in-house resources by partnering with us for setting up a remote tech team that you manage directly.

We help you build a team of developers, designers and support staff hosted at one of our offices or fully remotely. We handle all agreements, local payroll and compliance for you.

IT rental

IT resources rental by hourly or daily rates. Hire experienced developers for specific projects or periods of time, providing a cost-effective solution for temporary software development needs.

We have existing networks of skilled developers both locally and remotely for your needs.

IT recruiting

We offer various hiring options to meet your needs. We find and hire IT talent for you across borders, working remotely or relocate the talent to your office.

Simply tell us your requirements and we will headhunt top candidates for you. We handle everything from hiring to salary negotiations, background checks and possible relocation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our model is very straight-forward, no nonsense.

Is the remote team my team?

Yes, fully. An integrated part of your team that you directly manage. We cover all agreements, IPR, DPA between us, you, and the developers. You can also take over your team if you wish.

What about rental engineers? 

With us you can rent engineers or IT consultants with traditional hourly or daily rate. We're experts especially in providing remote talent that also offer you cost-savings compared to relying only on local IT rental.

For the remote teams, do you lock me in for at least a year?

Absolutely not. The way we build remote teams is very flexible for you. You can structure your team easily based on your needs and typically we work with 30 day termination periods. However, we always pursue to work long-term and majority of our clients have been with us for multiple years.

Can I take over some of the developers directly to my team?

Absolutely yes. It's built in our agreements and if there are people you wish to fully take-over, you can do that. And you can even relocate the people to your office if they're willing to move.

Do you handle payroll for remote teams?

Yes. We handle local payroll, compliance, taxation and possible side costs for you. You'll receive one monthly invoice covering everything and we take care of the rest.

Can I apply our company's own benefits for the team? 

Yes, it's your team! Consider them your own people just working remotely. You can give any benefits, perks or even company options as you wish

What's you pricing structure?

Very simple and always transparent. For remote teams you pay developer's gross monthly salary + our monthly service fee per team member. That includes all our services from recruiting to payroll and possible office space. For rental developers you pay an agreed hourly or daily rate, including everything.

What's included? 

We pursue to work long-term with you and all our services are shaped to work seamlessly with your in-house team.

Remote teams

Per team member. Discounts applied for teams > 5 people.

All our fees incl. recruiting, payroll, admin and possible office space
All legal documents covered through us with full IPR, non-compete protection and DPAs
Typically 30 days termination policy – both service agreement and developers
Flexibility to change team structure as needed
One monthly invoice including everything
Right to take over
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IT Rental

Success-based fee. Discounts applied for multiple hires.

Matching experienced developers
Hourly / daily rate
All developer related side costs
Fixed term or short termination policies
Right to take over
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Success-based fee. Discounts applied for multiple hires.

Shortlist of matching candidates
Full hiring process
Background checks
Salary negotiations
3 months standard guarantee, with extension possibility
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